Festive Vegetarian & Vegan Christmas Recipes EVERYONE WILL LOVE

A collection of my favorite festive vegetarian & vegan christmas recipes

Some last minute ideas for your meatless Christmas dinner featuring
easy & quick plant-based recipes everyone will love (yes, even your steak-loving dad).

Can you believe I’m publishing a recipe Blogpost? Yeah, me neither. But let’s face it, we all don’t have to be perfect Mad Men housewives to do something good for our bodies from the inside (and this comes from someone who does not even find much joy in cooking). I’ve had to learn it the hard way what a huge impact nutrition has on my skin (which I’ve been at war with for long enough) and especially my energy and therefore my stress levels (another battleground).

So let’s rewind to October 2019, the month I decided from one day to the next to go vegetarian. For no particular reason actually, but since then I never went back.

Why not vegan? Well, to be honest, I’m emotionally not stable enough to give up cheese or my grandma’s cake, if I may express it in my usual cynicism. I see food as fuel, for my body and my mind. And my grandma’s cake is self-care, period. But with those few exceptions, I’ve managed to eat a mostly plant-based diet for the past twelve months and I’m actually really enjoying it.

Just do whatever feels good for you, that’s the mantra here.

So here are all the vegetarian & vegan christmas recipes that I’ve tried and tested during the last festive season.



By far a personal favorite. Cooked so many times already, with different main dishes and still absolutely thrilled about the classic gravy flair. A dream with red cabbage and grandma’s dumplings.

I belong to the group of people who loves onions. LOVE. So I was very pleased when I spotted this recipe in early December on one of my favorite go-to places for vegan recipes. I can’t offer you a verdict on this one yet, but I’ll definitely try them next week.

Rather another roast alternative, because the smoky and yes, slightly burnt note is just everything. Also super easy to prepare.

Another super tasty alternative for those who want to skip classic gravy. Or you go with this Veggie Gravy recipe.

Maybe it’s just the German in me talking here, but potato dumplings and mashed potatoes are a firm Christmas staple. And in my time as a vegetarian, lentils have quickly become one of my favorites, so this one is a winner.

areMy family has the biggest walnut tree in the garden you can imagine. Accordingly, we are drowning (DROWNING!) in walnuts and are always looking for new recipes. Going to try this one next week since it adds that special something. By the way, walnuts are one of best ’superfoods‘ out there and is doing wonders for your skin 😉

Can you tell that I love onions? 😉

Here we go again, Lentils AND nuts. Aaahh the nutritional value of this.


I discovered vegan mascarpone just a few days ago, so tiramisu can now be converted to vegan very quickly. If that’s not good news.

Like super easy, just 10 minutes of preparations easy. Perfect with little cakes or ice cream.


Good old german Lebkuchen. After 

Another personal favorite. If you want to spice things up a bit also check out this vegetarian Cardamom-Cognac Apple cake.

Easy vegan frosting with helpful tips for all your cakes & cupcakes (I also love to add different spices during this season).

The list of ingredients is almost too cliché for the winter season, but I’m always up for a healthier cake option, that straight-up delivers all the cozy Christmas feelings.

A winter essential and by far the best and fluffiest cinnamon rolls I’ve ever made. I actually make them with vegan butter & vegan cream cheese (I love the one from Oatly) to avoid dairy as much as possible.


Fortunately, when it comes to drinks, we can play along with pretty much any recipe. There are so many different ways to add a special festive touch to a classic drink, but here are some of my personal favorites. Sign me up for everything Beer, Gin & a little bit of the bubbly.

Winter BBQ’s have been a long standing tradition in my family. There’s nothing better than being bundled up thick outside at the warm grill, enjoying mulled wine and the cold winter air. And yes, we make the mulled wine on the grill as well. ALSO, I always replace nasty sugar with honey.

Without a doubt, this festive season will be different, but keep in mind that it won’t be like this forever. I wish you all a wonderful December, focus on everything you can be grateful for & be gentle with yourself. You got this.

Christmas Recipe Collection

thanks for reading & merry christmas

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