LISA FIEGE CREATIVE – a creative Content & Consulting Studio that provides high-quality output with substance to help you grow a better & more meaningful brand.


YOUR BUSINESS IS TOO IMPORTANT to hide your Products behind meaningless Visuals.

My Mission

Content & Storytelling Studio specialized in creative and high-quality Product Styling & Photography for Marketing us and your brands Social Media & Web presence.
Bringing together years of experience in the world of Blogging, a B.A. in Media Management & an eye for details – to help you telling your brands story in this digital world and beyond.
All in a visual language that reflects the values & story of your brand.
No matter if you need outstanding Content with recognition value for Social Media, Website, Corporate Blog or want a brand new Custom Visual Idendity.

With an unique attention to detail it’s my mission to provide powerful Visual Storytelling designed to inspire, impart knowledge & create lastig impact.


Visual Content is the first point of contact for an authentic exchange with your target group on Instagram & Co. A uniform appearance of the brand and powerful Storytelling has thus become an important recognition value on Social Media (cohesive Feed) & Web overall.

With authentic branded Content I aim to encourage a meaningful communication with added value that visualizes the the Story behind your products and help you grow your brand around the world.

So let’s reach your audience via powerful visual images and authentic branded Content to make your products and services stand out.

VISUAL CONTACT IS THE FIRST POINT OF CONTACT for an authentic exchange with your Target Group online and beyond.


Based in Germany, but I’m able to create for you, no matter where your brand is located. I’m a Media Manager (B.A.), Blogger & Content Creator for 10+ years now and self-proclaimed expert on everything aesthetically-pleasing. It’s my mission to create high-quality brand content with substance and help you find your visual language to bring your ideas and visions to life.


Reach your audience via powerful visual images & authentic Content to MAKE YOUR PRODUCTS STAND OUT.


If you’re done posting valueless Photos & Videos just for the sake of posting something, your’re at the right place. Your Business is too important to hide your Products & Services behind meaningless Visuals. So let’s create togehter – with purpose & substance.

My Background

Bachelor of Arts in Media Management with over ten years experience in the World of Blogging & Online Marketing. Specialized in Online Management, Content Creation & Marketing, SEO, WordPress & everything visual Storytelling.

Content Strategy Development, Content Performance Optimization, Creative Direction, Moodboards & Inspiration, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, exclusive Advertorials – AND MORE.

Interested in Creating together?

If you have any questions, need further details or want to book the services – please feel free to get in touch. Or simply request the Client Welcome Kit for all the outline of our creative journey.